Both Paula and I have been busy with work recently hence we decided to make the most of our weekend together (well, Sunday at least!) We were hoping for good weather so that we could actually get out of the house (as opposed to being inside and sheltering from the elements). And as it turned out, the weather was fabulous; a crisp and fresh spring-like day with blue skies and sunshine.

We had spoken before about visiting Bristol Zoo but never actually got around to making the short journey over the River Severn. But Sunday was the day we’d make it happen and within an hour we had arrived. But… it was absolutely packed full of visitors all looking to make the most of the glorious weather! As a result we were unable to park the car in any of the car parks (they were all full) and ended up parking outside a church some distance away. That was no bad thing, however; it was good to be able to take a walk and we both could do with the exercise! :D

The trip to the zoo was also the first time I’d used my camera for a while. I literally had to blow the dust off it but it was good to be snapping away again. Sadly, as is often the case at places like this, a lot of the animals were behind glass or wire cages and this made photographing them all the more tricky. Add to that the fact that I was well out of practice and it didn’t bode well. Thankfully, a handful of photos came out fairly well and you can see them below.

The images are a bit noisy and a bit out of focus but I’m not too worried. If nothing else it has raised my interest in digital photography once again. I just need to persuade my friend to let me borrow some of his lenses…