Yes, yes – I know I’m still stuck in 2011 but my time machine is broken so you’ll just have to wait until it’s fixed…

To be honest I couldn’t help myself. I simply had to post up a little report about the Supercar day that Paula and I went to last August. So many beautiful cars to look at and listen to; I was in petrol-fuelled Heaven. :D The day was made all the more enjoyable due to the fact that we were joined by some good friends (and Club members) of ours.

Whether you were an Aston Martin admirer, a Ferrari fetishist, a Porsche-aphile or a Lamborghini lover, there was something for everyone. With the blazing sunshine and blue skies it was very much a day for sunglasses and sunscreen (the sunglasses mainly to cut out the glare from the polished cars on display!)

With a couple of Bugatti Veyrons (not to mention the brand new Lamborghini Aventador, Aston One-77 and McClaren MP4-12C) there was some serious metal [and money] on show. However, my favourite car of the show – and still the car I’d buy tomorrow if I won the lottery – was/is the Ferrari F458 Italia. A bargain at £170,000. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wilton House Supercar Day 2011

As soon as the details for the 2012 show are released I’ll be applying for tickets so that I can once again get up close and personal with some of the world’s most exotic cars.